Monday, December 22, 2008

We LOVE teachers :)

Last week was the end of school for the year (the 2008 year, not the school year :)) so I wanted to send some gifts to the wonderful teachers and helpers in our lives.
I made ribbon-wrapped pens in pairs for each gift. I also made some teacher themed bottlecaps which I made into magnets. They turned out REALLY cute and the teachers absolutely loved them.
We gave gifts to all 4 of Sunshine's preschool teachers, Daisy's bus driver (who has been really great and helped out with a bullying problem), and Daisy's teacher. Sunshine goes to a preschool done by the school district that is particularly for special needs children. They also take non-special needs children, but they don't get to ride the bus and they pay tuition. Sunshine is actually the only tuition paying child in her class. It has been wonderful for her, though, since there is a teacher for about every 3 children and she gets to be the leader and the example a lot -- good for a middle child. I mention all that to explain one of the caps I made particularly for those teachers:
"All children are gifted, some just open their package sooner than others." (purple)
the other say:
"Teachers Rule" (yellow)
"When's Recess?" (gray)
"Discover Wildlife: be a teacher" (orange)
"Every time the bell rings a teacher gets her wings" (green)

The bus driver got two pens and a key chain made with a bottle cap I made using the school mascot and "Tiger Pride 2008-09"
The 1st grade teacher got magnets, two pens, and a key chain too.


Steve and Chelle said...

Ok, so Sunshine is your middle child, and Daisy is your oldest . . . I think I'm getting it. (Did I miss something, or is this the first time you've called them that??)

Tilly's Bowtique said...

I just use those names in this blog cause it's so public. There's Daisy, Sunshine, and Butterfly. Sorry, I keep meaning to put a picture of each on the sidebar with their "names", but I've been having too much fun doing other things :) Maybe I"ll get around to that now...