Saturday, December 6, 2008

And she's back....

Well, I'm starting to feel better and I had to make something I saw out in the big wide web. They are the most adorable ribbon trimmed leggings! I have only made simple ones so far, but I have visions in my head of super fun ones with double layers of ribbons and ridiculous things like that. Oh what fun!!!I made the first pair for little "Butterfly" while my "Sunshine" was at preschool. When she got home she saw them and started begging for her own! She even went through her drawer of tights and brought me some that she would "let me use". I had to make sure all the scissors were hidden cause she was going to start all by herself!Finally the next day I was at WalMart and I bought a new pair of tights for her and made her own pair of ribbon leggings. They aren't exactly "leggings" per se, since they're made from tights. They need something covering the bum like a skirt or shorts or something. BUT, made from thick cotton tights they're warm and make a great modesty cover for a 3 or 4 year old trying to remember how to wear a skirt without flashing the undies!Just tonight I finished a tutorial for how you can make your own "Ribbon Leggings", part of my "Mommy Made It!!!" line of instruction booklets. Lots of pictures, very descriptive text. One day I might even get around to listing it for sale somewhere, lol. You can always contact me if you are interested in buying something I've featured here! LOL

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