Sunday, December 28, 2008

Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful!

Waiting at the bus stop on a wintry morning is... less than comfy. So I started working on a scarf for Daisy while I was walking on the treadmill. Just last night I finished off the hat. For working without a pattern, mostly while I was on the treadmill, I think it worked out pretty well! She wore it all day -- even with her pretty dress at church! She tried it out in the backyard this afternoon and it worked great. Her favorite features are the hat brim and ear flaps (she has been jealous of my ear muffs) and, of course, the tassels.

(This picture was taken just after she came in from playing outside. She wore her sister's sweatshirt so it's a little small. And she got snow down the front of her jacket so it got all wet.)


nora.lakehurst said...

Very cute. I need to make some for my kids. They loved looking at this photo. MMMM maybe I will have to ask you to make some if I buy the stuff first ;D
LOL my code is sunflus

Tilly's Bowtique said...

The scarf was really pretty easy. You can do one pretty much like it with just a basic crochet stitch! The hat -- I *think* I could do one just like it again, LOL. That's the problem with doing things without a pattern :)

ems said...

CUTE! You are so talented, and on the treadmill too. I need to get my rear on the treadmill again. Although I doubt I could crochet at the same time. Now that is talent.