Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Slow Week

Well, I have had a slow week of crafting. I've been really sick with a UTI that just won't go away! I have almost finished three more sock monkeys -- to send to Santa so he can put them in the DD's stockings. When I've made it to the store to find perfect buttons for eyes I'll take pics of them to post here. I used fuzzy slipper-type socks this time and they are really cute!

We finally reached a new stage with 6yo "Daisy". The other day she told me a friend at school told her that Santa isn't real and that her parents do the Santa stuff instead. Gulp! Then she asked me: So is she right? Is it just her parents who have to do Santa? Or do you play Santa too?
Well, I wasn't going to lie to her. I told her that "Santa" is really a game that people love to play. It is a fun way to show love for eachother and to celebrate sharing with others. Then I asked her if she wanted to help play the game by not telling anyone else what the game really is. She was really excited and said that she could do that. She still wants to play the game, so she is pretending that Santa is real, even though she knows I do all the work. Phew!

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