Monday, December 22, 2008

I hate to brag.... but it's so true.

My girls are just the cutest things ever!

Last January I happened in to KMart -- I never go to KMart! But I dropped in for some reason and came across a cute Christmas dress for only $2. It has been in the top of the closet for most of a year. So I got some marabou and made marabou-edged leggings and a cute matching pair of bows for my little Daisy. She was just darling! I let her wear it to school on Friday for their Christmas Celebration, then to church on Sunday and a family party that evening.

When Miss Daisy came home from school I asked if anyone had liked her outfit. She said that one girl in her class stopped dead in her tracks with her mouth hanging open cause she loved it just so much (In Daisy's words).

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