Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Valentines trinkets

Do you want to give the coolest valentines ever? Here are the valentine's themed bottle caps I have made. I plan to make bottle cap clippies for all the girls in Daisy's 1st grade class.

Three metallic valentine images:

Flower and heart images:
(the dark blotch on the heart image is not intentional and will not appear on any finished caps)

As-is, Retail $.1.00 WS $.75
pendant, Retail $1.50 WS $1.12
keychain, Retail $3.50 WS $2.62
magnet back, Retail $1.50 WS $1.12
earrings (pair), Retail $5.00 WS $3.75
pin back, Retail $1.50 WS $1.12


Steve and Chelle said...

Love love LOVE your background!!! Isn't it so much fun!!!!

Tilly's Bowtique said...

Is is way fun!!! I had a great time making the backgrounds for this blog and my other one. I have currently grounded myself from making any more though, lol, I spend too much time on it :P

ems said...

Love your Background too!! I can see why you have to ground yourself. I haven't started because I would get too caught up in it!

Cute bottle caps too, what a fun idea!