Friday, January 16, 2009

BYU bottlecap keychain. You know it isn't from a beer bottle ;)

Perhaps the most "notoriously sober" college campuses just needed a bottle cap keychain. So I made it. I managed to find a scrapbook paper which had the BYU Cougar mascot on it (meaning that this keychain abides by all copyright laws). I now have a couple of little plastic boxes full of BYU Cougar paper punch-outs! One of these days I'll make them up on bottle caps and sell them so I can actually get something more done. I'm needing supply money these days, so I guess some income is called for :P

Retail price: $3.50
Wholesale (minimum 10) $2.62

1 comment:

ems said...

Cute idea! Way to abide by copyright laws! :) Good luck on the supply money thing, I know how that is.