Monday, January 26, 2009

Monkey Mama

You knew there were going to be more sock monkeys. It's inevitable :)

Here's my latest pair. The monkey baby again has embroidered eyes so she is baby-safe. Monkey Mama is not baby safe -- she has button eyes and magnets inside her hands so she can hug that sweet baby. I discovered that the ceramic disc magnets just aren't strong enough for a good hold. If she is posed sitting still her hands will stay put, but not with any resistance on them. I'm going to get some stronger magnets and try again on the huggy monkeys.

Monkeys sold separately.
Mama Monkey: $10.00, $14.50 shipped
Baby Monkey: $10.50, $15.00 shipped

1 comment:

ems said...

Cute idea to make a mommy hugging monkey. I love hugging my kidlets!