Saturday, February 21, 2009

Picture Time

Here are the pictures of the progress on my booth. I added lots of things, but still have a ways to go. I think it is really improved. Just by looking at things I think that at least one item has already sold, so that's good news. To have sold something with the sorry state things were in before makes me hopeful of my potential now that it looks more interesting!

I am also adding samples of every item I have a booklet on. I printed ribbon with "Display only" across the top, and the name of the book or kit the item came from. The white metal piece holds the small items which are all mounted on a magnet. The basket on the second shelf holds larger items which have the tag attached with a grommet. A ball chain runs through each grommet so they don't wander around, but keep the basket more orderly. I have 3 or 4 more sock monkeys all ready to assemble (cut, sewn, stuffed, just need the time consuming part of hand stitching to assemble) so those will be added soon. I also will be ordering some more materials which will be added on the left side. I need ideas on what can go in baskets or something like that at the bottom to keep it looking full and not... dumb. And ideas? I also printed ribbon labels with a hand stitched onto each money hiney to give them the final professional touch. I really like how those turned out :)

To visit my booth at The Quilted Bear, come to East Bay in Provo just north of Sam's Club on University Avenue. The address is 1221 S. University Avenue Provo, Utah 84601

I'm always open to suggestions or comments!!! Help me make this successful.

My favorite line ever came from my dear Mother in Law, Mommalee (as I call her) who said "Well, I hope you get rich and die." LOL, I know what she meant, but it sure made me giggle! Thanks Mommalee!


Corilee said...

I'm sure glad you know what I meant! I don't qant you to die just yet.

Once this upheaval with Mother is over, I plan to come to see your booth. It looks cute as far as I can tell from the pictures.

Luck to you,


Tilly's Bowtique said...

That will be fun! If you warn me in advance I'll sneak in before hand and make sure it looks good :P WOuldn't want a messy booth for my MIL ;) LOL I made a SUPER cute reversible bandanna jumper yesterday and took pictures so tomorrow I can make a booklet tutorial for those too. Ahhhh, soooo much to do -- and we think 'Daisy' may have strep.
Hope things are progressing "well" with Grandma. Try to not wear yourself out too much. And still -- let us know if there is anything we can do to help.