Friday, February 20, 2009

More to come

Today is the day! Since tomorrow is Saturday, this is my last chance to stock more items before the biggest shopping day of the week. I have a whole bunch of bottle cap items, materials, and a few more books and kits that are going to be added. Today I am trying to finish up about half a dozen sock monkeys also. They already have all been cut out and machine sewn, and stuffed -- it's just the time-consuming hand stitching that is left. I have 3 ready to go and 4 more that are still in the works, including one that is the tiniest monkey EVER!
I have made a monkey (well, still have to do the hand -work) out of a pair of newborn sized baby boy socks. It is only about 4 inches tall from head to toe! That little guy is just cute as a button! And speaking of buttons, he is one of my Baby Safe monkeys; meaning that he will have hand-embroidered eyes instead of button eyes so he will be ideal as a gift for a brand new baby.
The last thing I'm setting up today is my sample set. It has a lot to be done too, of course, but I am making up an example of each item I have a book for. The clips and characters are all mounted on magnets with a ribbon tag saying what book they are from attached. Larger items, such as the ribbon leggings, will sit in a basket and have a grommet attached which holds their ribbon tag on and has a ball-chain attaching them to the basket to keep track of them all. I will, of course, take more pictures after tonight stock-o-rama.
One of these days I'll even have some fun new items to share, I'm sure of it, lol.


Corilee said...

Where is Provo's Quilted Bear?

ems said...

Whew! Sounds like you are keeping quite busy lately!! Hope you are able to get a bunch done for the weekend. Good luck!

P.S. The little baby sock monkey sounds darling! :)

Tilly's Bowtique said...

The babiest of monkeys is almost assembled. His ears are about the size of a dime! Lizzie has already told me that she NEEDS a tiniest baby sock monkey, but with pink stripes, LOL.

I put the info for the location of The Quilted Bear in my newest post.