Friday, November 21, 2008

Interchangeable Bottle cap Necklace

My 6 year old has a birthday party to go to this afternoon. Without having to go to the store I decided to try my hand at a bottlecap necklace. I am so happy with how it turned out! I was even smart this time and made an extra for my 'Daisy' to keep. She was really happy to hear that :) I used a plastic tubing to make the necklace part so it is a little stretchy. I used a lobster clasp on the necklace and put split rings on the bottlecaps so you can just clip on your choice of pendant. It even comes with two necklaces: black and brown. They'll be the most fashionable girls on the playground ;). The way these necklaces are put together if you pull hard on them it will pull apart. There is a small hard plastic bit that holds it together. I considered using something different, then decided that I was more comfortable with this method. If the necklace gets caught on something, the necklace will give way before serious damage can be done. It adds a little peace of mind for those overly anxious mommies (like me!).

Modeled by my little "Sunshine"

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