Monday, June 15, 2009

No, I didn't forget


Here are some quick pictures of the reversible bandanna overalls. I know I still need to do the "proper" pictures, but I've been a little busy with life. So I at least finally went through my pictures and grabbed out a variety of pictures of the outfit. The pictures of the yellow side are the more recent ones -- I added the eyelet trim to the bottom and stitched it all together so the hem is not loose any more.
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Corilee said...

Sorry I didn't see this post several days ago or I would have commented then. Cute pictures. You'll have to have the girls wear them when you come to visit. I still haven't seen your display at the Quilted Bear. Is it still there?

If you'll answer this in an email, maybe I'll see it and get the address from you so I can come to see your booth.

Fran said...

Oh these are super cute Janelle! You are so clever :-)

The Halls said...

Do you have a family blog? I would love to see your family.
Liz (Ryan Hall's wife)

Janelle said...

Liz -- It has been ages since I've updated on here, lol. Yeah, our family blog is at